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Welcome to NY Brows & Threading

Your beauty is in expert hands. Best quality results for threading, tinting, waxing and facials

NY Brows & Beauty Salon and NY Brows and Threading Salon offers a wide range of services and expert beauty advice

For many years, NY Brows & Beauty Salon and NY Brows and Threading Salon have services the lower Manhttan and Financial District of NYC metro area with a commitment to quality service and value.  Focusing on the age old all natural practices of Threading, Tinting and waxing. 

Threading, one of our main services, is a 100% natural highly, anti-septic sanitary, method to create a nice, shape of the Eyebrows. Threading removes the unwanted hair from the entire face such as the upper lip, chin, forehead, sideburns and other parts of your skin.

Let our beauty experts take care of all your beauty needs. 

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Only natural
premium cosmetics

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Modern style
and high quality work

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Beauty Services

Regular manicure
Regular manicure
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Nail Extention
Nail Extention
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Skin Recovery
Skin Recovery
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Nail Protection
Nail Protection
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Spa Care
Spa Care
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Hand Massage
Hand Massage
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Unique Design
Unique Design
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*Prices are subject to change without notice or update. Please sea or call the salon for most updated prices. 


What our clients say

The best threading service in NYC. They gave me the best shape without taking too much out. It was painless and perfect! Highly recommend their services..

Alice V

A clean salon and Mila is a professional. Recommend for waxing..

Camelia R

This place is amazing, I am very picky with my eyebrows and don't trust just anybody with them. However, the young lady who has fixed my eyebrows twice already has done an amazing job. As thin as my eyebrows are, the young lady gives my eyebrows shape and leaves them amazing..

Tiffany M

My daughter and I have been coming here for a couple of months now, and the services/prices are great. Our eyebrows are done nicely and compliment the shape of our face. The service is also quick, so if you are in a rush you won’t have to wait too long. Highly recommend!.

Rachel P.

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